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Susana Negre



My Art has a big influence of all my travelling. I made, created and took photos for as long as I can remember!

I was born in Barcelona and lived there until I moved to London for 12 years , Mexico and now in Rio de Janeiro.

In concern of my professional career, I am an international events/ arts producer. Although I am currently focused on my passion, which is art. I became an emerging textile artist, who lives in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro where I create surrounded by the colours of the sea and the tropical rainforest.

# Negre, textile art is inspired by art, fashion, design, architecture, interiors, culture, travel, photography, cinema and the great value of hand-making and crafting.

In London I studied Art Direction in Fashion, Photography, Fashion Stylist and Art Curating at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London.

In 2012 I decided to move back to Barcelona, as I took a sabbatical year. I decided to start doing things that I enjoyed doing, and that brought me to discover weaving. I went to Teraninya school in Barcelona where I was introduce to the fascinated world of textiles. In those workshops I could understand the fascinating nature of the art of weaving, and then I decided to specialize on hand-weaving.


My hand-woven tapestries explore the essence of textures, colours, volume and fibre. Their sculptural shapes are an example of this singularity. I try to explore textiles and how they can transform into an space and compliment one to another. I try to combine the ancient art of hand-weaving with new textiles and fabrics adding a contemporary dimension in every of my creations. I would say that first I am a maker, experimenting with materials and textures. I use making processes to return all the ideas of my head to a physical form.

I love to create unique limited edition pieces; which they are crafted delicately, and they can be hanged on a wall like a painting or photography either any other decorative objects.

I explore the uses of macramé, in order to combine different techniques to marry the art of threads.

All my tapestry is hand-made in Barcelona & Brazil, using 100% wool, cotton and textiles.



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