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Yair Perez 

Tel Aviv/1978


Perez’s work is characterized by bold colors and representations of deformed human figures; multiple eyes, enlarged body parts, etc. Wild figures placed within a rampant abstract environment. This is an expressive language created by dismantling, shuffling and rebuilding of the elements; building its grotesque like appearance. «Painting is a never ending search,» sais Perez. «The encounter with the canvas offers the opportunity of internal research, dealing in real time with the notion the painting poses – through practice and a quick hand movement, and not through preparations and planning. Using disassembling and reconstructing of images, of compositions, of color meter, I seek to convey the expressive experience; where every pause in the painting is a stop sign requiring the viewer to stop and think: where- to now?»

Yair Perez (b. 1978, lives and works in Tel Aviv), studied in ‘Hamidrasha’ Art school, Beit Berl, and presently works in Rehabilitation through art in the Mental Health Center in Florentin, Tel Aviv. Perez received the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport Young Artist Award in 2014, as well as the ARTPORT Residency scholarship for 2012-2013. Perez presented several solo exhibitions including in Haifa Museum of Art (2012); Alfred Gallery (Tel Aviv, 2010); and RawArt Gallery (Tel Aviv, 2007). His works were exhibited in numerous group exhibitions including ST-ART Gallery (Jaffa, 2016); Alfred Gallery (Tel Aviv, 2015); Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2014) and Haifa Museum of Art (2012).



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